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Im Just A Crystal Ball Away Vinyl Sticker

Im Just A Crystal Ball Away Vinyl Sticker

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The "I'm Just A Crystal Ball Away" Vinyl Sticker is the perfect way to show your witchy friend that you're there for them, ready to lend an ear whenever they need to talk. As a supporter and confidant, this sticker serves as a reminder of your unwavering presence in their life. With its enchanting design and mystical vibes, it resonates with their witchy interests and reflects your understanding of their unique perspective. Let your friend know that they can always count on you for support, guidance, and a listening ear.


By gifting or displaying the "I'm Just A Crystal Ball Away" Vinyl Sticker, you can strengthen your bond with your witchy friend and assure them that they are never alone. This sticker represents your availability as a trusted friend, ready to provide comfort, advice, or simply a sympathetic ear. It serves as a comforting reminder that they have someone in their life who understands and appreciates their witchy ways. Let this sticker be a symbol of your friendship, bringing a sense of warmth and security to their heart whenever they see it.


✪ SIZE: 6cm x 8cm

✪ MATERIALS: 100 micron thick vinyl

✪ PACKAGING: Biodegradable cellophane bag or paper bag

✪ CONTENT: 1 sticker

✪ COLOURS: Blue, Black, White and cream

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