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Autumn Bat Washi Tape: Fall-themed Paper Tape

Autumn Bat Washi Tape: Fall-themed Paper Tape

Washi Tape

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🍂 Unveil Enchanted Creativity with Autumn Bat Washi Tape! 🍂

Hey there, crafters, creators, and autumn aficionados! Let the magic of our Autumn Bat Washi Tape elevate your creative game.


Step into the world of crafting enchantment with Autumn Bat Washi Tape. Imagine bats fluttering among orange fall leaves, infusing your projects with a touch of autumn charm. Get ready for crafting magic!


  • 🌙 Whimsical Touch: Infuse your journals and projects with the flutter of bats and fall leaves—an instant dose of enchantment.
  • 🌙 Mystical Creativity: Explore gothic planning and crafting with a dash of magical allure, letting your imagination run wild.
  • 🌙 Eco-Conscious Crafting: Join the tribe of eco-friendly creators, using recyclable paper tape for your bewitching projects.
  • 🌙 Crafting Delights: With this tape, your crafting projects become a canvas for your autumn-inspired magic.


  • 🎃 Enchanted Dimensions: Measuring 10mm in width and stretching 10m long, this tape weaves spellbinding allure into your creations.
  • 🎃 Eco-Friendly Elegance: Craft with a green heart—this tape is crafted from recyclable paper, adding an eco-conscious twist.
  • 🎃 Versatile Charm: Perfect for journals, gothic planning, and crafting ventures, letting autumn's whimsy shine through.


  1. Q: Can this tape adhere to various surfaces like journals?
    A: Absolutely! Whether journals, crafts, or planning, its versatile charm sticks like a dream.

  2. Q: Does the tape peel off easily without causing damage?
    A: Indeed! Peel it off effortlessly, leaving your creations free of marks and ready for new magic.

  3. Q: Is this tape perfect for seasonal and year-round projects?
    A: Whether embracing autumn's vibes or carrying witchy charm year-round, this tape is your crafty partner.


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The Gothic Stationery Company is all about helping creative individuals express their deliciously dark and macabre style. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of unique and high-quality sinfully stylish stationery products, catering to those who seek to infuse their artistic endeavors with a touch of the extraordinary.

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