Our Story

Remember when you walked into a high street shop and you found stationery that spoke to you? You know, the spooky stuff, that wasn't pastels or cute animals. No, we couldn't either! 

We owned a stationery store which printed the cutesy stuff, as we thought that would have mass appeal. But it didn't appeal to US. It wasn't speaking to us and in 2021 we changed the direction of the buisness to this sinfully stylish brand you see before you!

Our story
Our mission

Our Mission

That's the one question we always ask ourselves when we design a new piece. Is it spooky? Is it gothic? Is it black enough? You may have noticed we like the colour black!

Who Are We?

Gemma and Andy are partners in both business and life.

They both used to work at the Queens Theatre in Hornchurch. Andy was a technician and Gemma was a scenic artist. One day, Gemma had an accident where a knife met her hand and Andy was her first aider. You could say it was love at first bandage?

In 2015, Gemma got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and had to give up full time work. And that's when the first stationery business was set up. In 2021 it changed direction into the business you see before you. We both went back to theatre part time in 2022 but any spare time is spent fullfilling your orders.

Our dream is to sell enough stationery to own a cottage/smallholding in the Cotswolds!

Queens Theatre Hornchurch

Where Else Can You Find Us?

Etsy & Ebay Shops

We have an Etsy shop with over 100 products in it. You can also find us on Ebay - sometimes we post some right bargains on there!

Where are we based?

We are based just outside of London but are office based. We do not have a brick and mortar shop.

On the highstreet

Check out our stockists page to see where you
can see our items in person.

Want to contact us about anything at all? Maybe you want to collaborate with us or you have a product idea? Let us know using the form here.