Gothic Wallpaper & Fabric

Struggle to find a gothic wallpaper or fabric to suit your tastes?

Ghost Wallpaper
The trouble with having a spooky home is that its quite hard to find the appropriate decor! I doubt you will see gothic wallpaper on the high street anytime soon. But don't worry, we have you covered! 
Many of our designs and (some you haven't seen yet!) are available in our spoonflower shop!

Why Spoonflower?

We are only a small company (with big ideas!) and we don't have the capital or space to spend on hundreds of rolls of gothic wallpaper or metres of fabric in order to get it to a price point we like. Spoonflower enables us to offer you unique designs at a fraction of the cost!

Different Options

Through our Spoonflower shop, we are able to offer a variety of finishes, in both fabric for the gothic seamstresses and wallpaper for the gothic DIYers.

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