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Lamenting Lavender Satin Ribbon | The Gothic Stationery Company

Lamenting Lavender Satin Ribbon | The Gothic Stationery Company

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Indulge in the wistful beauty of the "Lamenting Lavender Satin Ribbon." This ribbon is more than just a material—it's a conduit for whispers of elegance and the gentle melancholy that tugs at heartstrings.

The delicate lavender hue of the ribbon captures a sense of softness and emotion, evoking moments of reflection and nostalgia. Whether you're crafting heartfelt gifts or adding an exquisite touch to your DIY projects, this ribbon infuses each creation with an aura of elegance and subtle yearning.

Channel the power of color and emotions with the "Lamenting Lavender Satin Ribbon." Let it weave its threads of beauty and emotion through your creations, leaving behind a trail of elegance and a touch of bittersweet charm.


  • 15mm wide and 5m in length
  • Double Satin Berisfords Ribbon


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At The Gothic Stationery Company, we are committed to providing creative individuals with the tools they need to express their deliciously dark and macabre style. Our wide range of unique and high-quality stationery products is the perfect way to add a touch of sinfully stylish flair to any occasion.

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